Environmental Protection Coating Process - Powder Spraying MDF

In the realm of furniture manufacturing, environmental protection has become a key concern for both home/hotel furniture set manufacturers and consumers. As a result, innovative coating processes have emerged to address this issue. One such process is powder spraying on medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

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Powder Spraying

Powder spraying is a coating technique that involves applying a dry, finely ground powder onto a surface. The powder used in this process is typically made of a mixture of resin, pigments, and additives. The powder is electrically charged and adheres to the surface through electrostatic attraction.

Why Use Powder Spraying on Medium-Density Fiberboard?

Medium-density fiberboard is a popular material used in furniture manufacturing due to its affordability and versatility. MDF is made by compressing wood fibers and resins together, resulting in a dense and uniform board. Powder spraying is an ideal coating process for MDF because it ensures even coverage and minimizes waste.

Environmental Benefits of Powder Spraying on MDF

Low VOC emissions

No volatile organic substances, harmful air pollutants, and heavy metals. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful pollutants released by conventional solvent-based coatings. Powder spraying emits significantly lower levels of VOCs, reducing indoor air pollution and promoting a healthier environment.

Meet Environmental Protection Standard

The MDF has been sterilized at 250°C, which can effectively remove the formaldehyde in the MDF and meet the European EO environmental protection standard.

Inhibit the Release of Formaldehyde and the Growth of Bacteria

The closed powder package greatly reduces the formaldehyde emission remaining in the MDF. After the powder is cured, it forms a solid protective layer, which can inhibit the release of formaldehyde and the growth of bacteria remaining in MDF.

Reduced waste

Unlike liquid coatings, powder spraying does not produce any hazardous waste. Any excess powder can be collected and reused, minimizing environmental impact.

Energy efficiency

Powder spraying requires less energy compared to other coating methods, such as liquid spraying or electrostatic painting. This efficiency makes it a more sustainable option for furniture manufacturers.


Powder coatings form a tough, durable finish that resists scratches, chipping, and fading. This durability ensures that furniture maintains its appearance and quality over an extended period.

Aesthetic appeal

Powder coatings offer a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, allowing manufacturers to create furniture with diverse designs and styles. The boards of powder MDF do not need edge sealing, and the surface can be engraved with patterns and rich textures, which can greatly stimulate the potential of designers.

Fast curing

Powder coatings cure quickly, reducing production time and increasing efficiency for furniture manufacturers.
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The furniture industry is increasingly embracing environmentally friendly practices, and the powder spraying process on medium-density fiberboard (MDF) offers a compelling solution.

With its many advantages, powder coating offers Chinese furniture manufacturers an efficient and sustainable coating method. By adopting this innovative process, the Chinese furniture manufacturing industry can contribute to a greener future without compromising on quality or style.